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Bergen Toy & Novelty Co.(often abbreviated Beton)
Horses and Equestrians
plus Marching Cadets and Standing Cowboys and Indians 

Sales list. All photos show the actual items for sale, unless stated otherwise. ID numbers (if included) are from Richard O'Brien's Collecting American-Made Toy Soldiers, Edition No. 3, 1997. Both paint condition and color variations among otherwise identical figures are very important for Beton toys, and every attempt has been made to provide accurate verbal descriptions of those features. Mild paint loss and imperfections are common, but there are no breaks, splits, cracks, chips, repairs, significant paint wear, or deterioration of the plastic unless noted. All items are in hard plastic unless stated otherwise. If you would like to see another view of any figure or group, Ponylope can e-mail photos on request — just ask! Free shipping on all orders of $75 or more.


 RP001a     RP001c

BT 136 Cowgirl, on BT 162 Large Standing Horse
BT 137 Cowboy, on BT 120 Large Running Horse

Something about the cowgirls; they seem to wear fast. This gal has paint loss on her nose, chin, and hat (especially the back crown). But she’s molded in an unusual light brown with hints of other shades. Her mount is also an unusual sorrel shade with beige-y overpainting. The cowboy shows excellent, unworn paint over a yellow body, and his horse is solid brown.

RP001       SOLD



RN002a    RN002c
BT 133 U.S. Cadets, Mounted on BT 120 Large Running Horses

RN002     [each horse and rider]    $12            Brown pair   SOLD



R053c    R053d

BT 171 Lady Rider, on BT 120 Large Running Horse
BT 93 Gentleman Rider, on BT 162 Standing Horse            

Classic hunting gear in red, white, and black.

R053        SOLD         



BT 135 Officer, BT 162 Large Standing Horse
            BT 135 Officer, BT 120 Large Running Horse

Traffic patrolmen or military.

R055        SOLD  



BT 140 Jockey, on BT 120 Large Running Horse
BT 137 Cowboy, on BT 162 Large Standing Horse

R056     [each horse and rider]    $12                     BT 137 and BT 162  SOLD


bt13002  P007b02

BT 130 Prancing Horse (no saddle)    

A quite rare pose! It’s unclear what Beton meant this horse for. Few riders fit securely on its narrow, slippery back, though it is a perfect Indian mount (use removable museum wax to hold the figure). Not a draft horse by any measure, it works well as a farm riding horse, and Ponylope owns many matching horse and colt pairs. See the FARM page for a black mare and colt on sale. This gray with white accent paint has some paint loss. (Lefthand photo is slightly more true to actual color.)

P007          SOLD



To Come . . .



Wild, Wild West


BT 27 Cowboy with Hand on Holster
BT 21 Indian Chief, BT 20 Indian with Spear
BT 23 Indian with Drawn Bow

BT 20 has a missing spear point; BT 23 is missing the feather.

RNP002     [Group of 4]    $10



RNP003b02BT 20 Indian with Spear, BT 21 Indian Chief
BT 18 Indian Leader, BT 23 Indian with Drawn Bow

All are in nice condition, except that BT 20 is missing the top of the fringe on his left leg, and BT 18 is missing the ball end of his club.

RNP003     [Group of 4]    $12


Unusual Colors


NP018b03BT 19 Indian with Arrow
BT 18 Indian Leader x 2, BT 22 Indian Warrior

BT 19’s bow is broken in two places. BT 18 on left has chip out of base and is missing part of headdress.

NP018     [Group of 4]    $10



BT 23 Indian with Drawn Bow x 2

The figure on the left is actually emerald green with powder blue accents. He has a bit of extra plastic on the top of his bow. The brown/blue Indian has a chip of plastic out of the bow, in the same area.

NP017     [Group of 2]    $7



RP004bBT 27 Cowboy, Hand on Holster x 2
BT 21 Indian Chief
BT 23 Indian with Drawn Bow

BT 23 has a separated bow at the right hand. Other figures are intact with nice paint.

RP004     [Group of 4]    $15


The Bad Guys are in White, But It’s a Stick-Up All the Same!



BT 24 Masked Bandit x 2, BT 27 Cowboy, Hand on Holster x 3

All figures are intact, and paint is good on all but the cowboy at far right.

RNP004     [Group of 5]    $22


A Girl of the Golden West

P051a P051b

Plastic Toys Inc. Cowgirl with Lasso

Figures made by this company are often mistaken for or lumped together with Beton toys.
This graceful cowgirl is in better condition than most, though she has some specks and wear on her base.
On the bottom, a previous owner marked what looks like a “10” in red. In my book, she definitely rates a 10!

P051     $10          SOLD




B-1 Large Cowboy and Horse Set, in Bag (Hard Plastic)

Cowboy is molded in green plastic with beige, black, and yellow accent paint. Horse is medium brown with black accent paint. Both are in excellent condition. The header card is smooth and unworn; back is browned at the top, however, where not covered by the bag. Bag is still nicely attached, but now cloudy. No tears. The rubber bands are no longer holding the figures to the card. A rare find in any condition.

N028     $15       SOLD



“Cavalry School” Group (Soft Plastic)

Shown above are assembled horses and cadets from bagged sets (see below), plus a mounted officer.
Marching cadets sold separately, both in bags and as groups. Sorry, no officer sets are available.

R070     [Jumping cadets]     SOLD          [Green officer & horse]     $10



“Cavalry School” Set, in Bag (Soft Plastic)

Jumping horse with stand and hurdle, riding cadet, and two marching cadets included.
Mint condition, excellent brightly colored header card.

R058     $20


R074R header bag

“Marching Cadets” Group

Company of 12 soft plastic cadets, six blue and six white. Made up from bagged sets
(see below). Open bag and header card also available.

R074     $12     with bag/header     $16



“Marching Cadets” Set, in Bag (Soft Plastic)

Eight cadets, four blue and four white. Three mint sets are available.

P008     $25



Vintage Toy Horses and Plastic Playset Miscellany from the 1950s On . . .


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