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Favorite Web Sites Dedicated to Old Toys

Here are some friendly and useful Internet homes for more fun with vintage toys:

Everything you need to know about Stuart Manufacturing’s plastic horses, figures, and accessories, from the history of the company to cleaning your Stuarts, can be found at Vintage Stuart . Liz West, the site owner and designer, is the acknowledged expert on Stuart, and her Web site is gorgeous as well as delightful for fans of these very special plastic steeds.

Eric Johns’ Marx Wild West site is a huge compendium of information on the Marx Western figures, animals, and accessories. Many, many photos make this THE place to visit for identification purposes.

Ponylope browses Toy Soldier HQ frequently, both for help with identifications of old toys (and new manufactures too) and to see what interesting new finds owner Kent Sprecher has up for sale.

In the world of larger scale horses, sometimes called “model horses,” Gail Fitch’s Hartland Horsemen site is a must. Here you’ll be able to order her two excellent books on Hartlands and issues of the Hartland Model Equestrian News, for updates on collecting these beautiful plastic toys.



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