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Sales list. All photos show the actual items for sale, unless stated otherwise. ID numbers (if included) are taken from Timothy J. Geppert's Guide for Non-Metallic Toy Soldiers of the U.S., 1986. There are no missing parts, breaks, splits, chews, chips, scuffs, repairs, or significant wear, unless noted. Ponylope leaves mold flashing in place for new owners to trim, if desired. All items are in soft plastic unless described otherwise. If you would like to see another view of any figure or group, Ponylope can e-mail photos on request — just ask! Want a Marx item that you don't see here? Just e-mail Ponylope your *wish list* and ask her to let you know when those special pieces come in. Ponylope also buys Marx horses. Free shipping on all orders of $75 or more.

Brave Eagle and White Cloud

This large-scale horse and rider were inspired by the 1955 to 1956 TV series Brave Eagle. Western fans will recall that Brave Eagle was a Cheyenne chief, and the show was the first to feature a Native American as the lead character. The stories centered on Indian life and interactions, without the usual antagonistic confrontations with whites. Roy Rogers produced the series, which was filmed on his ranch near Los Angeles.



    braveagle4b    braveagle402


braveagle302Brave Eagle

Marx made a few horse-and-rider sets in hard plastic to compete with the popular Hartland series. This one was known first as Brave Eagle, then, when licensing on the Roy Rogers-owned character expired, Marx issued the set as Brave Indian. * White Cloud stands 9 and a half inches tall, and Brave Eagle is 6 and a half inches tall, in his seated position. * Unfortunately, the soft vinyl accessories were not compatible with the hard plastic figures, and when left in place too long, the accessories actually melted the hard plastic underneath. As a result, most of these sets today show some damage, especially the pale cream horses. * This horse is better than most, showing relatively light melt marks on his back where the saddle blanket rested, with a faint line under the belly where the girth fit. Ponylope has not removed the bridle, but it also conceals the same light melt marks. The rein has broken on one side and been tied together neatly. Actually, this is a nice touch for a rough-and-ready Indian pony. There is yellowed glue on the seams where the two halves of the horse join. * Brave Eagle has fared much better than his horse. The insides of his legs and the seam of his seat are slightly marred, apparently where they contacted the saddle. Otherwise, he is clean, smooth, and undamaged. * Ponylope does not know if there were both red and green versions of all of the accessories. The quiver and pouch with knife sheath - matching the bridle and saddle blanket - were acquired with Brave Eagle. The green headdress came later, but would probably have come with the set originally. The red weapons - bow, shield, lance, knife, and tomahawk - are add-ons. Accessories pictured for sale are intact and in excellent condition. * As originally issued, the set came in a colorful box.

Brave Eagle Set     Sorry - SOLD




B008b  60mm Running

    Here is another of the five poses Marx made
    for the early Western sets.

    B008    $15 each / gray  SOLD



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