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Sales list. All photos show the actual items for sale, unless stated otherwise. There are no splits, chews, chips, scuffs, missing parts, repairs, or significant wear, unless noted. Ponylope usually leaves mold flashing in place for new owners to trim, if desired. All items are in soft plastic unless described otherwise. If you would like to see another view of any figure or group, Ponylope can e-mail photos on request — just ask! Want a Stuart horse, figure, or set that you don't see here? Just e-mail Ponylope your *wish list* and ask her to let you know when those special pieces come in. Ponylope also buys Stuarts. Free shipping on all orders of $75 or more.

Vintage Stuart

It All Began with Roy Rogers, “King of the Cowboys”

The Western figures and horses known today simply as “Stuarts” were made by The Stuart Manufacturing Company in Cincinnati from approximately 1953 to 1969. The first to be created were the “character figures” (Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, and Pat Brady, plus the horses Trigger and Buttermilk, and Bullet, the German Shepherd), offered in 1953 as a premium by the Post Cereal Co., along with a cardboard ranch house and other items. After the premium expired, Stuart began selling the leftover plastic figures and others created to go with them. The line featured a new walking horse pose, the “walker,” to go with the rearing Trigger and running Buttermilk.

Roy Rogers Cereal Premium Figure Set

Roy on Trigger, Pat Brady petting Bullet, Dale Evans standing beside a saddled Buttermilk. Cream figures are closely color matched, with a palomino Trigger, two brown saddles, and both versions of bridle. Mold flashing on the figures (common) and on Trigger’s hoof; horn missing on one saddle.

P169    $75

P158Quick on the Trigger

Here’s a version of Roy and his pal with a turquoise Stuart saddle and bridle. Since Trigger often wore extra-fancy tack in the movies, this is not such a far-fetched combination. * In Son of Paleface, for example, the talented palomino dances beneath Roy in a bright red, white, and blue saddle, bridle, and martingale. The tune Roy is singing in the scene? “A Four-Legged Friend,” of course. * In this lot, everything is in super condition, except that Trigger has some roughness on his rear.

P158    $50   SOLD








Roy Rogers in All Four Colors

Red and cream Roy figures are common, and white is not hard to find, but the silver Roy is very rare. Only Roy and Bullet have been found in silver. * Full pistol barrels on the white and silver figures; cream and red are less crisp.

P163    $10 White // Red, Cream, Silver   SOLD


P168a     P168b

Roy Rogers Character Figures, with Rare Red Dale Evans

Ponylope has seen more silver Roy Rogers figures than red Dale Evanses. The fact that this one has some scuffing on head and neck should not disqualify her from inclusion in any Stuart collection, she’s that rare! All three are a terrific, matching deep red.

P168    $75


Jeep Thrills

Nelly1a  Nelly1c 

Nelly1d  Nelly1b

Nelly1f  Roy Rogers’ Nellybelle No. 1

A character in its own right, sturdy Nellybelle was driven by Pat Brady in the Roy movies. * This metal vehicle, with rubber tires and silver steering wheel, was made by Tootsietoy for the cereal premium set, but was never offered by Stuart. Minor paint wear, one loose tire, surface rust on axles.

Nelly1    $50



Whoa, Nelly!

nelly2a02   nelly2d
nelly2b     nelly2c

nelly2eRoy Rogers’ Nellybelle No. 2

The original Nellybelle featured in the Roy Rogers TV show (1951-57) was a 1946 Willys CJ-2A model. * After the Roy Rogers Museum closed, Nelly was auctioned off in 2010 along with other memorabilia, including the stuffed and mounted Trigger, Bullet, and Buttermilk. The jeep brought $116,500 and went to a private museum. * This Nellybelle has two holes drilled into the body just behind the seats - much more common than the undrilled example above. There was no top or other part that would have fit here for the Stuart set, but Tootsietoy may have offered something on their version. Otherwise, the two jeeps are identical.  * Excellent to near-mint condition: Very minor paint wear, light superficial rust on axles. Tires are tight, steering wheel unbroken.

Nelly2    $60




Best Dressed


Cowboys on Horseback with Saddles, Bridles, Hats, and Rifles

These sets are as nice as can be! The palomino walker has unusual marbling on chest and legs, and the silver is also nicely patterned.

P157    $50 each    SOLD



Indians on Horseback with Weapon and Feathered Headdress

Everything is in fine condition, and the horses are really exceptional, in spite of a little flaking on the red’s leg.

P159    $30 each


P162a   P162b

Pioneer on Horseback with Coonskin Cap, Rifle, and Hatchet

This was a fun set to put together, with its pretty silver mount and matched accessories! The coonskin cap is hardest to find of the Stuart headgear, and it’s usually found in red or green.

P162    $80   SOLD


Blue Rider on Horseback with Red Kepi and Rifle

In a contest for tiniest accessory for a vintage toy, the minuscule Stuart kepi would get Ponylope’s vote.
It’s just one in the manufacturer’s line of crisply realistic items.

P160    $60



P023b02Supply Sergeant

One of the most popular Stuart packaged sets from the 1950s featured a figure with rifle and kepi, mounted on one walking horse and leading another carrying a full packload. The lead rein and pack saddle with separate packs were unique to Stuart. The delicate crossbars of the saddle are often missing, usually broken off inside the receiving holes in the packs. This set, however, is complete and unbroken, as are the other elements.

P023     $100   SOLD




P033 CowboyRed Cowboy Riding Bareback in Blue Hat

Three cheers for the red, white, and blue!

P033     $15   SOLD








P029a    P029b

Blue Military Rider with Red Kepi and Rifle

Here is an exceptionally smooth palomino walker with a very faint marbling of tones on the body. * The glossy black saddle has a small split on the back, but a nice, robust horn. * The blue rider is perfect except for a closed split in the belt loop. * His kepi and rifle are excellent. Of the Stuart headgear, the kepi is second most rare, after the coonskin cap.

P029    $30   SOLD

P031a     P031b

Buckskin Military Rider with Green Kepi and Rifle

Everything is in tip-top condition, from the bright-white walking horse to the tan figure to the accessories. * There is a small pinhole in the saddle, and some mold flashing on the horn.

P031    $35

Copies of Stuart Horses, Figures, and Accessories


“Winners of the West” Set, Made in Hong Kong

It was typical in the 1950s for toys and many other items to be cheaply copied and manufactured overseas, mainly in Hong Kong. Stuart also had its imitators. A number of knockoff sets were made that included horses, saddles, bridles, pack saddles, lead reins, riders, and accessories - just like the originals. * The copies could never be mistaken for the real thing, however. Everything is slightly smaller and often a little rough around the edges. The horses are thin and hollow, with pegs on their sides to slip stirrups over, and the riders are sometimes comically misshapen. Still, every Stuart collector has a few of these novelties around. * One thing that the imitators did better was make their bridles and lead reins of tougher plastic. They’re a little stiff, but much less likely to split.

P137     $40



Hong Kong Knock-Offs, Group 1

A gathering of imitation Stuarts that includes a pack saddle and lead rein, five horses, two pioneers, and a saddle. The silver horse is quite nice, and the brown is a typical color for horses. * For some reason, Stuart never made a brown horse in any pose, though Marx made many in varying shades of brown.

P017     $20



Hong Kong Knock-Offs, Group 2

Pink cowboy and saddles, blue bridle and yellow rifle - gaudy colors compared to the real thing.

P156     $20


The Most Beautiful Plastic Horse Toys Ever Made


Stuart Rearing Horses

The red rearing horse was Ponylope’s favorite as a child, standing in for Flame, the hero of Walter Farley’s Island Stallion series. This Stuart pose always represented a wild stallion in Ponylope’s imagining, and she wasn’t alone - virtually every female collector she knows has said hers were wild horses, too!

$15 each Black, Palomino, Bright White, Cream  /  $50 Red  /  $40 Silver

Ponylope long ago sold the horses pictured. Please allow her to substitute from her stock of rearing horses.


Stuart Walking Horses, On Parade

There is some variety in Stuart colors, but it is somewhat limited. Above are black, red, bright white, off-white, flesh-colored palomino, glossy golden palomino, and silver examples. * Flat gray is not an option in Stuart horses, except as one tone in a marbled gray/white horse (see below for two that Ponylope is offering for sale).

$10 each  /  $12 Silver   

Ponylope long ago sold the horses pictured. Please allow her to substitute from her stock of walking horses.


Rare Horses



Marbled Pale Gray Walking Horse

Perhaps the Holy Grail in Stuart collecting, marbled horses are assumed to be the result of combining scraps of various plastic colors in one mold pour, perhaps at the end of a day’s run. * In mint condition, this horse has a subtle, all-over marbling in pale, flat-gray tones.

P018     $100   SOLD




Marbled Medium Gray Walking Horse

Noticeably darker than the marbled horse above, this example has near-black and pale gray patches accenting large areas of pure gray. * Though sometimes referred to also as marbled, the more common glossy silver horses are more monochromatic, with occasional streaks and swirls of uneven pigment.

P019     $100



P182a   P182b

Western Saddles & Bridles

Unlike many of the other playset saddles (Marx, Tim-Mee, Payton, Andy Gard, and others), Stuart saddles do not feature some kind of cinch that fastens under the belly. What a pain to try and slip that tiny strap into an even tinier buckle! And that was always the first part to break. * Stuart bridles that are displayed on horses for a long time eventually stretch, curve, and harden into shape. Those shown above are still flat and flexible. * Other condition issues include very thin saddle horn, because the mold did not fill in properly; missing saddle horn or other part; and more or less closed slits at various points in the body of the saddle. * Ponylope prices her saddles and bridles according to these condition factors. Often, a lower-priced item will display as excellent, however.

Bridles (best quality):  $15 Red, White, Black  /  $20 Brown, Turquoise

Saddles (best quality): $10 Red, White, Black, Brown  /  $15 Turquoise

Ponylope has other saddles & bridles for as little as $5 each; please inquire.


BP002Pack Saddle in Red, Packs, Lead Rein

At least two bagged sets were sold that included a laden horse led by a figure riding another horse. One was the “Supply Sergeant,” duplicated above; others were “Indian Guide” and “On the Trail.” * Saddles commonly came in red, green, and turquoise, and three different packs could be attached to the crossbars of the saddle. The X-shaped bars were thin and broke easily when packs were removed. Handle with care! * Packs were usually red, medium blue, or yellow, though Ponylope has seen original packs in cobalt blue, green, and turquoise as well. Each of the three styles was made in all three colors, and a typical set would include one of each shape and color. * A few other toy companies made packs, but they were always molded in one piece. * The long lead rein (white or turquoise) was made of the same flexible plastic as the Stuart bridle, with a loop that fit neatly over the leading figure’s hand. (Horse is available separately for all pack lots.)

BP002    $55



Pack Saddle in Green, with Three Packs and White Lead ReinP055b

A common color variation.

P055    $55   SOLD





P053Pack Saddle in Brown, Packs, Lead Rein

A very rare gray-brown pack in “waxy” almost translucent plastic. Ponylope assumes this to be an original Stuart item, because it is identical in design and all features - it had to have come from the same mold. Plus, the only Stuart copies she has ever seen were obviously that: poorly molded, smaller, and in a completely different plastic. * The rein is in good condition, with the bridle end still round, not stretched into an oval to fit the horse’s head. But the hand loop has a small split where it joins the rein, which is a common flaw.

P053    $75   SOLD




Pack Saddle in Turquoise, with Three Packs and Turquoise Lead Rein

P054aA beautiful set, with the hard-to-find turquoise lead. The hand loop has a small split.

P054    $75









Vintage Toy Horses and Plastic Playset Miscellany from the 1950s On . . .


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