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Sales list. All photos show the actual items for sale, unless stated otherwise. ID numbers (if included) are taken from Timothy J. Geppert's Guide for Non-Metallic Toy Soldiers of the U.S., 1986. There are no missing parts, breaks, splits, chews, chips, scuffs, repairs, or significant wear, unless noted. All items are in soft plastic unless described otherwise. If you would like to see another view of any figure or group, Ponylope can e-mail photos on request — just ask! Free shipping on all orders of $75 or more.



P010aOriginal Conestoga Wagon, 1964

In near-mint condition, this is the U.S.A.-made version of this Tim-Mee/Processed Plastic wagon. All pieces are flexible soft plastic. Harnesses are complete, though not connected in the photo. Both side boxes are present, and the wheels turn. Another version reversed the colors, with a white wagon, red top and wheels, and red boxes. The pioneer figures to go with this set, if you can find them, include seated poses, campfire poses, and a nice standing woman holding a baby. They are mostly found in yellow, but red was also made.

P010     $35      SOLD


Processed Plastic Buckboard or Farm Wagon, 1978

Very nice condition, with all wheels, working tailgate, and driver.

P011     $15



Swordsmen, Mostly

Tim-Mee knights and horses are Ponylope favorites for their crisp, incised detail. But aren’t the riding
knights holding their swords in rather an odd way?

P057     $32



Axe Not For Whom the Bell Tolls

All together, six mounted poses and six foot poses of Tim-Mee knights were made.
Note the similarity in the axe-wielding poses. These are the two horse poses.

P056     $32



P012bCavalry Patrol

Three of the cavalry poses are offered here, plus third-series mounts and separate saddles. Excellent condition.

P012     $30      SOLD






Blue-and-Gray Cavalry

About 3 inches tall, these waxy plastic figures are larger than the dark blue cavalry above, and may be recent copies. The Tim-Mee pose these seem to be modeled on is carrying binoculars in the left hand.

P013     $10



P014cRiding Indian Shooting Rifle

This rare figure, often found with missing feather, has the flowing hair of the famous Apache war leader, famously pictured with a rifle in historic photos. Flat red color. Excellent condition. Mounted on excellent silver running horse.

P014          SOLD








Processed Plastic Cowboys and Indians (Final Series)

Eleven of the 12 figures in the last series of Tim-Mee Western foot figures. These were made beginning in 1970, a few years after Tim-Mee was sold to Processed Plastic Co. Missing is the kneeling Indian shooting a bow.

P015     $10       SOLD

Packaged Sets


P020cHappy Acres Farm

This Processed Plastic Co. set includes 66 pieces of original Tim-Mee farm animals, tools, fencing, and a tractor. In a second bag attached to the same header is a cardboard barn for display. The header card has some wear and soil at one corner; the heavyweight bags are in nice, clear condition.

P013     $30





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