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Sales list. All photos show the actual items for sale, and most are priced as groups matched according to the color of the figures and/or bases. Where individual figures are for sale, this is clearly indicated. ID numbers are taken from Richard O'Brien's Collecting American-Made Toy Soldiers, Edition No. 3, 1997, except for PT and RP numbers, which Ponylope created based on Beton numbers. Both paint condition and color variations vary widely in Beton toys, and every attempt has been made to provide accurate color photos (and verbal descriptions, where needed). Mild paint loss and imperfections are common, but there are no breaks, splits, cracks, chips, repairs, significant paint wear, or deterioration of the plastic unless noted. All items are in hard plastic unless stated otherwise. BETON / MADE IN U.S.A. logo on rectangular bases unless noted. If you would like to see another view of any figure or group, Ponylope can e-mail photos on request — just ask! Free shipping on all orders of $75 or more.

logo ovallogo rect fulllogo rect part
          CARLSTADT LOGO                   FULL LOGO                     PARTIAL LOGO          

Unless stated otherwise: All oval bases have the logo BETON / CARLSTADT N.J. / U.S.A. underneath.
All rectangular bases have BETON / MADE IN U.S.A. or a partial logo of MADE IN U.S.A. only.


Rectangular Bases


BT 8 Bugler, BT 4 Munitions Carrier, BT 1 Machine Gunners, BT 12 Rifleman Marching, BT 3 Hand Grenade Thrower

Group with bases of marbled lighter blue (greener than shown, depending on your computer monitor).
A few have reddish tones in the figure.

R013     [Group of 6]     $25



BT 5 Infantryman with Gas Mask, BT 11 Observer, BT 9 Riflemen Shooting

Excellent condition!

R014     [Group of 5]     $25



BT 16 Drummer, BT 12 Rifleman Marching, BT 17 Kneeling Machine Gunner,
BT 13 Infantryman Saluting, BT 1 Machine Gunners

Every figure and every base is a slightly different shade! This was a difficult group to photograph, and colors are generally more muted than shown. BT 13 has marbling in the figure and a slightly raised left foot with glue showing on the base around it.

R016     [Each]     $5     OR     [Group of 5]     $20



BT 16 Drummers, BT 7 Signaller

Unusual black bases; varied body colors. Drummers are more muted colors than shown. Olive figures have some marbling on body, and one has blue base marbling. BT 7 has slightly warped base.

R024     [Each]     $5     OR     [Group of 4]     $18



BT 4 Munitions Carriers

Range of body color, from gray-green to medium olive. Pink base has some dirt.

N001     [Each]     $5     OR     [Group of 3]     $12



BT 8 Bugler, BT 1 Machine Gunner

Uncommon off-white figures, on marbled pink bases. Some stray paint specks and soil; traces of glue on
base of BT 8.

N028     $6             BT 1      SOLD



BT 4 Munitions Carrier, BT 17 Kneeling Machine Gunner,
BT 3 Hand Grenade Thrower

Excellent condition. NOTE: BT 4 is same color as BT 3, not olive-toned.

N004     [Each]     $6     OR     [Group of 3]     $15



BT 14 Signaller, BT 16 Drummer

Unusual heavy-bodied pair. Brown marbled base on BT 16 is slightly warped.

N013     [Each]     $5              BT 14      SOLD



BT 17 and PT 17 Machine Gunners Kneeling

The center figure, in olive drab, is assumed to be Beton, the gray and light yellow, by Plastic Toys, Inc.
Both of the PT 17 figures have helmets that are a little worn around the brim.

P001     [Each]     $4     OR     [Group of 3]     $10


Beton Copies by Reliable Plastics Co. (Canada)

None available


Beton Copies by Plastic Toys, Inc.



PT 12 Riflemen, Marching Position

Brown uniforms, painted detail.

P003     [Group of 4]     $12



PT 8 Buglers, PT 5 Infantrymen with Gas Masks, PT 12 Infantryman Marching

Khaki uniforms, painted detail. PT 5 on far right has some brown spots

R036     [Each]     $3                    PT 5 w/ black mask   [All]      SOLD



Beton Copies by Reliable Plastics Co. (Canada)

    btreli302     LOGO


RP 3 Grenade Thrower, RP 11 Observer, RP 5 Infantryman with Gas Mask

Eleven figures in played-with condition, mostly wear to helmets and faces.  None of these has the logo on the back, but they are othewise identical to the soldiers that do have the logo.

R062     [Group of 11]      SOLD



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