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Sales list. All photos show the actual items for sale, and most are priced as groups matched according to the color of the figures and/or bases. Where individual figures are for sale, this is clearly indicated. ID numbers (if included) are taken from Richard O'Brien's Collecting American-Made Toy Soldiers, Edition No. 3, 1997. Both paint condition and color variations vary widely in Beton toys, and every attempt has been made to provide accurate color photos (and verbal descriptions, where needed). Mild paint loss and imperfections are common, but there are no breaks, splits, cracks, chips, repairs, significant paint wear, or deterioration of the plastic unless noted. All items are in hard plastic unless stated otherwise.  If you would like to see another view of any figure or group, Ponylope can e-mail photos on request — just ask! Free shipping on all orders of $75 or more.

logo cast02logo cast part02
                               FULL CAST LOGO                            PARTIAL CAST LOGO

Unless stated otherwise: Most WWII figures with integral cast bases have a three-part impressed logo with a copyright symbol and an intertwined B and T flanking a center section marked BERGEN TOY & NOVELTY CO.  /
U.S.A. A few (perhaps earlier?) have a one-part logo marked with just BETON / MADE IN U.S.A., as shown above.



BT 126 Munitions Carrier, BT 113 Infantry Saluting, BT 111 Infantry with Bayonet Charging

BT 126 has been painted camouflage-style with darker brown spots. Otherwise, regulation.

R028     [Each]     $6     OR     [Group of 3]     $15



BT 115 Observer, BT 113 Infantry Saluting, BT 126 Munitions Carrier

Well matched in color.

R029     [Each]     $6            SOLD: BT 115



BT 113 Infantry Saluting, BT 151 Signalman, BT 11 Observer

Lower signal flag has a mold flaw. BT 11 is glossy; the rest are more matte in finish.

R030     [Each]     $6     OR     [Group of 4]     $18



BT 116 With Gas Mask, BT 113 Saluting, BT 112 With Bazooka,
BT 118 Machine Gunner Kneeling

BT 118 has marbling of the plastic, visible on the back, and peeling paint on helmet.

N009     [Each]     $5              SOLD: BT 116, 112



BT 60 Bugler, BT 126 Munitions Carrier, BT 113 Saluting,
BT 124 Machine Gunner Prone

Well-matched, except for green Machine Gunner. BT 124 has logo under forearms and on back.

N010     [Group of 4]     $25



BT 141 Marching with Rifle, BT 118 Machine Gunner Kneeling

Matched, glossy, and crisp.

N015     [Group of 2]     $10



BT 85 Drummer, BT 113 Infantry Saluting

Drummer is more yellow-green, rougher texture. BT 113 more mint-green, with some
flashing on base and left side.

N016     [Each]     $5     OR     [Group of 2]     $8      BOTH SOLD



BT 85 Drummer, BT 126 Munitions Carrier

Red figure has a nose rub, extra plastic at end of lefthand drumstick. Blue figure has
paint loss on face, green paint under base. Both have part cast logos underneath base.

N017     [Each]     $5     OR     [Group of 2]     $8



BT 99 Grenade Thrower, BT 123 Machine Gunner Standing,
BT 116 Infantry with Gas Mask

BT 123 has a few specks of black paint on back, extra plastic by right foot..

N019     [Each]     $6     OR     [Group of 3]     $15



Bergen Toy & Novelty Company


Nine figures in dark grayish green “unbreakable polyethylene.” Came in a bagged set with header card like the one for sale below. Unplayed-with; some have mold flashing.

P004     [Group of 9]     $6


Copies by Ajax Plastic Corporation


Ajax copies, actually packaged and sold under the William Shaland name (a parent company), can be
identified by the absence of the embossed Bergen Toy & Novelty Co. Inc. U.S.A from the circle in the
middle of the base. The intertwined B and T logo and the copyright symbol are still on the base, each
in a separate indented circle. The green-colored plastic is nearly, but not exactly, the same.

Five different poses, in yellowish olive green. A little played-with but intact.
N025      [Group of 5]     $35



No. 155     “8 Assorted Soldiers”



Header card has bright color, some spotting and sticker residue on the back.
Out-of-register printing. Cellophane is a little worn, with a few small holes.
The blue color in the photo is a reflection; it is not on the bag.

Poses included are: BT 99 (Grenade Thrower), BT 106 (Infantry Flagman), BT 107 (Parachute Jumper),
BT 108 (Infantryman with Walkie-Talkie), BT 112 (Infantryman Holding Bazooka), BT 116 (Infantryman in Gas Mask, Carrying Rifle),  BT 123 (Machine Gunner, Holding Gun at Waist), and BT 141 (Rifleman, Marching Position).

N026 + N027     [2 bags available]     $20 each



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