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Sales list. All photos show the actual items for sale, unless stated otherwise. There are no missing parts, breaks, splits, chews, chips, scuffs, repairs, or significant wear, unless noted. Ponylope leaves mold flashing in place for new owners to trim, if desired. All items are in soft plastic unless described otherwise. If you would like to see another view of any figure or group, Ponylope can e-mail photos on request — just ask! Want an Anchor horse, carriage, or set that you don't see here? Just e-mail Ponylope your *wish list* and ask her to let you know when those pieces come in. Ponylope also buys ABC items. Free shipping on all orders of $75 or more.

Miniature Copies of ABC Sets

P138a   P138b

“Scale Models of Historic Carriages”

Greatly reduced in size (note the dime in the photo on the left), these tiny sets only distantly resemble the originals. The horses are very like Anchor horses, as are some of the other vehicles, such as the buckboard and buggy, but the gun carriage offered here has no counterpart in the ABC line. Still, the principle of a snap-together kit is there, with (abbreviated) instructions on the back of the illustrated header card.

P031   $12



Vintage Toy Horses and Plastic Playset Miscellany from the 1950s On . . .


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